Dice Church – Fun for Everyone

One of the great things about The Dice Church is that our wide variety of games caters for all ages and all kinds of tastes; whether you’re four years old and enjoy playing matching and memory games, a teenager who enjoys a good shootout on a train or exploring a dungeon, or an adult who likes all of the above as well as more strategic, deep thinking games. And if you have a favourite game you want to bring along, then you’re very welcome to do so.

We provide refreshments of tea, coffee and squash through tokens that people can take to the bar and exchange for their chosen drink – though if you want something a bit stronger, you’re very welcome to buy a pint or a gin & tonic too! Every bit helps support the local pub, which we’re very much into doing.

Our format generally is about 90 mins of games, a ten minute “God slot” where we explore some spiritual tools to help us connect with the Divine whilst away in our own busy lives, and then either a buffet for the second Sunday in the month, or on the fourth Sunday, people usually grab something to eat from the bar menu and then we have a good old natter and catch up.

There really is something very special about everyone being welcome at our tables, and becoming friends as we play.

Lots of people come along and try Dice Church – and most come back because of our friendly atmosphere. Why not give yourself permission to take time out and enjoy good company and a good game or two?


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