The Dice Church Launch Event -Rolling With It.

On Sunday 21st October, twenty-five people of a wide range of ages gathered together upstairs at The White Swan pub in Pleasley to celebrate life and have fun as a community playing board games together as part of The Dice Church.

We were very well looked after by publicans Dave and Stuart, and their team, who put on a wonderful spread as well as keeping us topped up with tea, coffee and juice (the latter of which people could take games tokens to the bar and pick up the appropriate drink).


It was great to see a wide spread of people gathered around the tables, engaged in talking with each other, thinking and working to have fun in a very relaxed atmosphere.

After an hour of great fun, Matt offered some quick thoughts exploring joy as something we have that’s rooted in finding an attitude of gratitude in all circumstances. He then introduced The Examen, a spiritual gratitude tool which has been used for hundreds of years to see our day alongside our Creator and reflect on what we can be thankful for.

We then gave thanks for the food and tucked in whilst continuing to engage with each other whilst playing more games.

Our specially selected range of games are suitable for all ages and encourage conversations and thus relationship building. It was truly special to see such a wide range of ages all with a common purpose in mind, to have fun together. It’s not just about children and young people though – we have board games for adults to play which have won “Spiel des Jarre” (Game of the Year) and other awards over the past decade or so for advanced gameplay.


So, after a wonderful launch, people came out with a real buzz and feedback suggests that we’re going to have an even better time on 11th November.

Remember, The Dice Church is now every second and fourth Sunday in the month, same place, except we’ll be in the right hand bar area from now on, closer to the drinks.

So why not join us? You’re always welcome at our table, where love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control are the fruit we try and cultivate in ourselves and each other.


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