The Dice Church – Launch Event!

Sunday 21st October, 4pm to 6pm are the date and time set for the initial launch event for The Dice Church! Pop it into the diary now!

Come along and enjoy exploring what Jesus Christ meant by “life in all its fullness” as we join together to have fun and play board and card games whilst exploring living a more spiritual life.

We have a large selection of board and card games, ranging from classics such as draughts and chess, through to more modern games such as Carcassonne, Pandemic and Ticket to Ride. If you want to come and bring your own games, that’s great too! Or, you could learn a new game, and maybe even do what we ended up doing, buying a copy.

The Dice Church is a Fresh Expression of Church which operates in conjunction with St Augustine’s & St Barnabas’, but is a church in its own right. We seek to welcome everyone, whatever their beliefs (and even if they don’t have any). See the About Us section for details of our core values.

So go on, roll the dice and see how different Church really can be!

See you at the launch event!


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